Skip to main content it’a an idea of a non-profit and independent act of a film & photography document about the Ukrainian Conflict. Also an idea of the social activism that uses new media to help the population living in the area of military operation.

An independent initiative of the production of a photographic and documentary films from the area of a conflict in Ukraine, focusing on social aspects. It is also an attempt of a social activism with the use of ‘new media’ and ‘web 2.0’ net as financing sources of a non-governmental foundation supporting children from Luhansk and Donieck.

We are concerned about the situation, which the populace form the area of an armed conflict is in. We want to show, as Europeans and citizens of the World, that we are not indifferent. Using our competencies, we want to take part in the debate about the humanitarian condition of the society of the World.

We are interested only in the social background. We are not interested in political aspects and we are not on either side of the conflict. We are independent observers, who want to show the impact of the war on both sides of the conflict.

A photographic document taken with a medium format camera of a Soviet-Ukrainian production as well as a full-length documentary film will constitute a cultural product.

The financing consists in private financial means and it is an independent funding initiative but it consists also in an action called a ‘financial social recycling’. The idea is to reuse the financial resources to maximise their use in social aspects and to meet more social needs.

_ad.2: Main artistic and social assumptions of the project

a) Photographic document Kiev 88 (КИЕВ) the name of a Soviet-Ukrainian camera, produced by Arsenal plants in Kiev, in 1984. Almost a copy of the first Swedish civilian camera Hasselblad 1600F/1000F, for this reason called ‘Hasselbladzki’.

b) Documentary film – a full-length documentary film showing the war from the side of passive participants – the local population.

c) Co-operate with Babylon’13  – consists in cooperation with the members of Babylon’13 collectivity, which constitutes a group of young Ukrainian filmmakers amateurs and professionals making documents of the Ukrainian crisis.

d) Social activism – actions foresee a pro tempore involvement in social assistance during the realisation of the documentary. Finally, after the documentary release, the gathered money will supply the account of humanitarian organisation I Love Ukriane.