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The Pink Rider - Linia Rozgraniczenia: Przedśmiertne Portrety mieszkańców wojny w Donbasie - 2020 - Sebastian Płocharski

The Pink Rider – The Line ‘Portraits of the People of the Donbas in Ukraine’ – Donbas trail in Toruń – AN EXHIBITION

Kryzys migracyjny - protesty na granicy Polsko- Białoruskiej w Toruniu

Migrant crisis at Poland-Belarus border. Protests in Toruń / Poland

Commercial photo session for LLEGAL TERROR

15th of May 2021: Uncritical portraits of Glasgow Rangers fans

Toruń Improvisation Orchestra – SE02 E01 – music clip / Toruń, 2021

Palestine Protest in Glasgow 16th May 2021

Palestinian protest in front of BBC Scotland – Glasgow 16th May 2021


Women’s strike’ in Toruń / Poland – 28.11. 2020 – Photos doc

‘Women’s strike’ in Toruń / Poland – 28.11. 2020

Ukrainian War (Donbass) – Photography preview by Kiev 88

‘Black coffee stirred with Kalashinkov’- doc development

“Brawl” – documentary film and installation

Ser Charles – “Kolejne cuda” – music video

ŠKODA – advert

10. Cracow Mountain Festival – documentary

The Golden Hair of Malgorzata – animation

Halloween make-up by ARTiSPA – promo movie

(Un)critical portraits* – a multifaceted socio-technical installation

h Koman / Cebo – live

Instytut B61^3 – promo movie clip

Tomasz Cebo + Lukasz Milewski – music clip

WECK “FINE” – music video

Mariusz Lubomski – music live clip

4in5 – short movie – teaser

IgoriaTrade – Tv advertising

Instytut B61 – Stellar Evolution 2 – promo

Just the random analog photography of friends

The one of winter day in Torun

The Ghost of Forum – Cracow

Lviv – Ukraine 2012 – photo doc

Christmas Eve 2012

(Non)Conscious life vol. 2 – photos project

Project: Inspiration – Creation

IWO vs Open’er 2013 (Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, Dizzee Rascal)

Instytut B61: Czas retencji – teaser

Video Postcards For Solidarity – trailer

INTYTUT B61: FISZ/EMADE – music clip

Instytut B61: Czas retencji – full version

the fight for democracy is still going on

3D promo for You Have It

Theory of violence

II Manewry Dryboonkrowe im. Wolf-Szczerby – trailer

Cover CD idenification For Stepoon “I Thinking Then I Am Awesome”

Feep logotype

2 Cossacks Go to War

Visual identification for The African Art Center / TAAC in Glasgow

Rebranding Clean Square / clean company

When Saints Go Machine – Parix (Tuśka_mix) / Once time with Antonina

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