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Philosophy and biography

I specialize in multimedia directing and storytelling, utilizing a wide range of digital and camera tools in conjunction with principles drawn from philosophy, sociology, and research to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us and effectively convey compelling narratives. I am a firm believer in sustainable development and am passionate about creating content that is socially and environmentally responsible.

Please find my full CV on LinkedIn at:


War Documentalist - Cinematographer / Photographer

***Intermedia Storytelling by an Independent Doc on the Russo-Ukrainian War from February 24th, 2022:

**Based on eight years of experience researching the war in Ukraine as a documentalist, I joined the British National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in 2020 and continue to work in this field today.

*A Specialist: Cinematography + Photography + Storytelling + Text = Intermedia Digital Storytelling for Cinema, TV, Newspapers, Internet Storytelling, Books, etc.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Working independently or in co-production, I secure funding for projects and manage all stages of development and digital information.
{I am open to discussions about financing production for support or co-production.}

A DOCUMENTALIST: Currently, two documentaries about the war in Ukraine are in production: "Black Coffee stirred with Kalashnikov" (in production 2015-2023) and "The Kings of Donbas" (in production 2022-2023).

A WAR CORRESPONDENT with features in Newsweek Poland, OKO.Press,, Kurier Galicyjski, "Dwójka" Polish Radio, Wnet.FM Radio,, "PiK" Polish Radio, Gazeta Wyborcza, etc.

AN ACTIVIST: I believe in the mission of my work and its potential to promote harmony between myself and the world around me. I am outspoken about the issues that concern me.

AN ARTIST: I capture portraits of Donbas residents who live under daily fire. I started making portraits of inhabitants of the demarcation line in 2020 and continue to do so today under the name "Premortal Portraits of the Inhibitions of Donbas" (2020-2023).

_Photography exhibitions about the war have been held in Glasgow/Scotland, Warsaw/Poland, Gdańsk/Poland, Toruń/Poland, etc.

_Lectures on the war have been given at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Sikorski House in Glasgow, Amnesty International in Toruń, Hermaster Training in Górsk, etc.

Attention to Detail

_____Born in 1983 in Torun, Poland, and am an independent visual artist with a focus on filmmaking (primarily documentaries), photography, motion design, and editing. Additionally, I am a social activist and organizer of cultural activities at Foundation You Have It.

I work as a multimedia designer at Ninja Studio and as a social media researcher at FlyInMYSoup. As an independent director and social activist, I am involved with, a sociological documentary project about the Ukrainian war. I have exhibited my work as the 'Scholarship President of Torun - Department of Culture', and I am the creator of several ventures, including Ninja Studio (a production studio), FlyInMySoup (a new media agency), and the now-defunct first Polish climbing internet TV station, PSYCHA.TV.

As a member of Wunderbaum Group in Torun and the Artistic Defecation Group (GAZ) in Krakow, I am involved in various artistic projects. I am also the vice-chairman of the Foundation Board at Foundation You Have It, where I serve as a multimedia specialist. I collaborate with numerous individual film and artistic projects as an artist and am also a lecturer on visual art and photography.

My work has been showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including those featuring photography, visual art, and art installations.


CO-OPERATION____Krakow Mountain Festival / Creative Agnecy - OPCOM Krakow / Telewizja Polsat / Instytut B61 / CGM.PL / ToffiFest Torun / / Outdoor Magazine / City Hall of Torun / You Have It / NRD Records / PsychaTV / ONL Krakow.

MAIN RESEARCH THINGS____General interaction between meanings: human - machine (digital) transhumansim, digital-humanism and all of errors associated with this response: pixels (8bit history), internet sociology, tech-media manipulation, social media, Homo Sapiens online (Homo Digital) - new age of human.

MAIN SKILLS____Humanities: Script + Idea + Creative + Project management__Techniques: Filmmaker + Edit + Direction + Post-prodaction + DOP + Design + Adobe Creative Tools + Da Vinci + Camers: RED / Canon / Panasonic / SONY + 4K / 2.5 K.

Thank you for you are here.

Through steady action, we will ensure a bright future for our beautiful planet.