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Zablocie is one of the most interesting parts of Cracow, but unfortunately also fashionable at the time (what worries me). Quite different charater than the rest of Cracow. Historically Zablocie served as industrial, now is a refuge for art studios, artisans and small business, such as design and printing. Unlucky, specificity of this place disappear by corporate policy and real estate development. Old factory buildings are demolished rather than adopted. It is here, among other cultural things like: Schindler’s Factory or MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art).


Some time ago I set up for life Artistic Defecation Group (GAS) to take a little artistic act on Zablocie. But it turned out that we couldn’t get sufficient funding for its implementation. The idea stuck, to the time when together with Anna Pichura came up with the idea to share an artistic associate with social project, research on Zablocie. Born completely new project, both artistic and social development, which opened up new possibilities in obtaining sources of funding. Details coming soon…