A dream about authorial gallery, accomplished!

In early January, there was , at last a chance to open my own authorial gallery. What I failed in Krakow (“New Torun” / polish “Nowy Touń“) by funding problems. I realized in Torun, maybe in a smaller form, but it doesn’t matter.  Created with café-bar “Zozowate Szczescie” Ducha 5 street in Torun by name Gallery Of One Act “ZEEZ” (polish: Galeria jednej pracy ZEEZ). The inspiration to create a gallery is the

‘BLADE’ video poetry from the volume cyberpoetry…

The state of mind in the end allows himself removes a final remnants of emotional dissonance . The result is my first digital poetry entitled ‘Blade‘ with video – poems “I chose already bough on the Vistula River, on which hang (compressed to a single pixel ) “, which will be supplemented and developed until the liberation therapy, stabilization energy ,emotional balance. Youtube version , the text can be translated

GAZ: Social- artistic live act on Zablocie (Cracow)

Two months ago I set up together with a few friends – Cracow artists with operating on Zabłocie – *Constipation Art Group (ang. *GAS; polish *GAZ – GrupaArtystycznego Zaparcia). The goal was simple, activation of the winter depression time and creative / psychological reconstruction life choices of conscince. Maybe even the way of redemption. Purpose naive, but naivety I could never get rid of. Idea: *Constipation (also known as costiveness

First test shoots for erotic movie just editing for Sebastien Tellier

A few months ago, under the influence of various stimulions and  as always, interesting observations dreamed I sensual erotic movie being my visual response to a depressive state, which at that time experienced. Therefore, when a few weeks ago told about my idea Marta Kotwica (Polish artist) persuaded me to make a test of the movie with her participation. In fact, it was spontanic action, some without preparation and film

Social and artistic act on Zablocie (district of Cracow)

Zablocie is one of the most interesting parts of Cracow, but unfortunately also fashionable at the time (what worries me). Quite different charater than the rest of Cracow. Historically Zablocie served as industrial, now is a refuge for art studios, artisans and small business, such as design and printing. Unlucky, specificity of this place disappear by corporate policy and real estate development. Old factory buildings are demolished rather than adopted.