“Apator” and “Elana” are two huge works in Toruń (Poland). These are also the names of sport clubs, which came into being next to the mentioned factories. Their coexistence is marked out by fans’ rivalry for a city – housing estates, streets and single blocks of flats.

“BRAWL” is a project which main elements consist in two inscriptions – ELANA and APATOR. ELANA used to be the biggest factory in Toruń specializing in chemical fibres production. APATOR produces devices measuring energy. Both of them used to be the owners as well as founders of two sport clubs in Toruń – a speedway and a football club. For many years both fan clubs, located in the same small city, have been fighting against each other dividing the city in two “zones”.

Installation is a multiplanar story – a video projection being a part of it is a document telling about workers from the factories, but cheering of two feuding clubs constitute its main element, where the artist tries to present a subworld of industrial fans.*

“BRAWL” stands for a colloquial word meaning hooligan meetings determined by participants themselves as “the clash of honour of two fan groups”.




Stefan Kornacki – inscription project 

What I Did

Camera Operator, editing, developing