In early January, there was , at last a chance to open my own authorial gallery. What I failed in Krakow (“New Torun” / polish “Nowy Touń“) by funding problems. I realized in Torun, maybe in a smaller form, but it doesn’t matter.  Created with café-bar “Zozowate Szczescie” Ducha 5 street in Torun by name Gallery Of One Act “ZEEZ” (polish: Galeria jednej pracy ZEEZ). The inspiration to create a gallery is the concept of dark matter Gregory Sholette’s art world, which is the part of which is excluded from the main circuit of the art world, but structurally affected on it.

Artistic dark matter is made up of professionals, amateurs, forgotten artists, lost art competition, the authors intentionally go beyond the artistic conventions. All those who are outside the field of view of the official art circuit.


Gallery site:

By Agnieszka Pindera, charter categories:

– By artists felt the need to influence what happens to their work after leaving her studio
– The pursuit of self-determination in the broad sense of the word
– Attempt to break the hierarchy of the art world, which controls the waveforms exclusion and inclusion in circulation
– Opposition to the instrumentalization of art and the artist, understood not only as commodification, but also serve ideological purposes
– The response to actual and alleged limitations of the market and the commercial dimension of art
– The desire to present the work of the brave, which is not always possible in public institutions, where the audience feels kind host and uses social censorship
– The need for some kind of transitional stage on the road between the university artistic and commercial gallery.

Plans exhibition Torun-Ukraine-Krakow-Slupsk-Gdansk-Zielona Góra-Poznan and Warsaw.

Led by Sebastian Plocharski / Iwona Tomas-Pacek

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