15th of May 2021: Uncritical portraits of Glasgow Rangers fans

In my work, portraits of people occupy an important place from a long time. I'm not only interested in the subject of photographing itself, but the mere interaction with - me and a subject. This time I took on the topic of football fans in Scotland, exactly Glasgow Rangers.


Palestinian protest in front of BBC Scotland

Glasgow 16th May 2021


A new chapter on the Donbass in September - December 2020

We are going back to the Donbass in September - December, 2020, to realize another chapter of a never ending story of this downhearted war. Soon more information...


Just Another day in Glasgow - 1. Preface

Digital documentary series, and a part of the study about the people in Glasgow during Covid-19 lockdown.


Make Coffee Not War .info

When Ukrainian war in the Donbass has become my own. Project inspired by social activism and passion.

Just I Am.

To comply with the formalities:

Sebastian Tomasz Plocharski


Independent film director / Video Producer /

Transmedia storyteller / Digital Artist 

I specialized in video production, transmedia storytelling and digital content. I use a variety of digital and camera tools supported by philosophy, sociology and researching to understanding world around us, make an interaction and evaporated the story.

From 2020 A member of the British National Union of Jurnalists -NUJ. It started an idea of a charity organization based in Glasgow (Scotland). Promotes future social-culture ideas to implement in areas of humanitarian deprivation. Documentary cinematography and a new age storytelling connected with behaviour and creativity workshops for local residents.

“I strongly believe in sustainable development by passion to creation with respect for society and the environment”

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