Sebastian „The Pixman” Tomasz Plocharski, photo by Michał P.

Visual Artist / Storyteller / Filmmaker / Photographer / Social Activist 



/// BIO____Born in 1983 in Torun [Poland]. An independent visual artist: filmmaker (most of documentaries), photographer, motion designer, editor also social activist and organizer of cultural activities at Foundation You Have It. Artisan as a multimedia designer at Ninja Studio and as a social media researcher at FlyInMYSoup. An independent director and social activist at Exhibition of 'Scholarship President of Torun [Poland]- Department of Culture’. 

Creator of Ninja Studio (Prodaction Studio), FlyInMySoup (New Media Agency), (Sociological documentary project about Ukrainian war) and no longer functioning first polish climbing internet tv: PSYCHA.TV. Member of Wunderbaum Group [Torun], GAZ [Krakow] (Artistic Defecation Group). Vice-chairman of Foundation Board at Foundation You Have It – Multimedia specialist.

Like an artist co-operation with many invidual movie projects and artistic projects. Also lecturer about visual art and photography. Participant of many solo and group exhibitions – photography, visual art and art installation. 

CO-OPERATION____Krakow Mountain Festival / Creative Agnecy – OPCOM Krakow / Telewizja Polsat / Instytut B61 / CGM.PL / ToffiFest Torun / / Outdoor Magazine / City Hall of Torun / You Have It / NRD Records / PsychaTV / ONL Krakow. 

/// MAIN RESEARCH THINGS____General interaction between meanings: human – machine (digital) transhumansim, digital-humanism and all of errors associated with this response: pixels (8bit history), internet sociology, tech-media manipulation, social media, Homo Sapiens online (Homo Digital) – new age of human.

/// MAIN SKILLS____Humanities: Script + Idea + Creative + Project management__Techniques: Filmmaker + Edit + Direction + Post-prodaction + DOP + Design + Adobe Creative Tools + Da Vinci + Camers: RED / Canon / Panasonic / SONY + 4K / 2.5 K.



_04/2017 – GlASGOW / SCOTLAND

/// FULL BIO & CURRICULUM VITAE:Sebastian Tomasz Plocharski curriculum vita in PDF or Sebastian Tomasz Plocharski at Linkedin



____actual residents: GLASGOW – EDINBURGH  (Scotland)

______co-operative residents: TORUŃ (Poland), KIEV (Ukraine), BERLIN (Germany), LONDON (UK), GLASGOW (Scotland), EDINBURGH (Scotland)

____phone: +44 07380386989


______If you need an encrypted and anonymous