My trip to Donbas to Ukraine conflict: – documentary it’a an idea of a non-profit and independent act of a film & photography document about the Ukrainian Conflict. Also an idea of the social activism that uses new media to help the population living in the area of military operation. An independent initiative of the production of a photographic and documentary films from the area of a conflict in Ukraine, focusing on social aspects. It is also an attempt

First test shoots for erotic movie just editing for Sebastien Tellier

A few months ago, under the influence of various stimulions and  as always, interesting observations dreamed I sensual erotic movie being my visual response to a depressive state, which at that time experienced. Therefore, when a few weeks ago told about my idea Marta Kotwica (Polish artist) persuaded me to make a test of the movie with her participation. In fact, it was spontanic action, some without preparation and film