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____ Director / Visual Artist / Photographer / Empiricist / Writer / Researcher / Camera operator / Editor / Animator 2D / GIS Analytics / 


/// BIO____Born in 1983 in Torun [Poland]. An independent visual artist: filmmaker (most of documentaries), photographer, motion designer, editor also social activist and organizer of cultural activities at Foundation You Have It. Artisan as a multimedia designer at Ninja Studio and as a social media researcher at FlyInMYSoup. An independent director and social activist at Exhibition of ‘Scholarship President of Torun [Poland]- Department of Culture’. 

Creator of Ninja Studio (Prodaction Studio), FlyInMySoup (New Media Agency), (Sociological documentary project about Ukrainian war) and no longer functioning first polish climbing internet tv: PSYCHA.TV. Member of Wunderbaum Group [Torun], GAZ [Krakow] (Artistic Defecation Group). Vice-chairman of Foundation Board at Foundation You Have It – Multimedia specialist.

Like an artist co-operation with many invidual movie projects and artistic projects. Also lecturer about visual art and photography. Participant of many solo and group exhibitions – photography, visual art and art installation. 

CO-OPERATION____Krakow Mountain Festival / Creative Agnecy – OPCOM Krakow / Telewizja Polsat / Instytut B61 / CGM.PL / ToffiFest Torun / / Outdoor Magazine / City Hall of Torun / You Have It / NRD Records / PsychaTV / ONL Krakow. 

/// MAIN RESEARCH THINGS____General interaction between meanings: human – machine (digital) transhumansim, digital-humanism and all of errors associated with this response: pixels (8bit history), internet sociology, tech-media manipulation, social media, Homo Sapiens online (Homo Digital) – new age of human.

/// MAIN SKILLS____Humanities: Script + Idea + Creative + Project management__Techniques: Filmmaker + Edit + Direction + Post-prodaction + DOP + Design + Adobe Creative Tools + Da Vinci + Camers: RED / Canon / Panasonic / SONY + 4K / 2.5 K.



_04/2017 – present:  Creative / Art Director at The African Art Centre in Glasgow _Responsibility for the whole artistic activity in the centre and planning future artistic activities of centre. Acquisition of resources. Organization of exhibitions, artistic activities, visualization (designer of visual visual identification), team coordination.


/// FULL BIO & CURRICULUM VITAE:Sebastian Tomasz Plocharski curriculum vita in PDF or Sebastian Tomasz Plocharski at Linkedin


____actual residents: GLASGOW – EDINBURGH  (Scotland)

______co-operative residents: TORUŃ (Poland), KIEV (Ukraine), BERLIN (Germany), LONDON (UK), GLASGOW (Scotland), EDINBURGH (Scotland)

____phone: +44 07380386989


______If you need an encrypted and anonymous contact: